Things you'll need...

There are many items I now have in constant supply in my store cupboard that I think you would benefit from purchasing to help with the transition to a healthier you! You can get most of these products from your friendly neighbourhood health store (more on that later!)

The essentials would include:

Coconut Oil (the best, healthiest fat for cooking)
Ground Almonds
Coconut flour
Creamed coconut
Milled flaxseed
Raw Criollo Cacao powder (expensive, but boy, what an investment!)
Almond butter
All the nuts. Except peanuts. They are imposter legumes dressed as nuts!
Mixed seeds (soaked)
Coconut milk (canned)
Bananas (overripe. My freezer is chock full!)


Food processor
Slow cooker
Julienne slicer or Spiraliser (so handy for vegetable 'spaghetti!')

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