Sunday, 19 July 2015


I have recently undertaken a new fitness plan, one that focuses on timing macro nutrients based on unique expenditure. I've been finding it increasingly fascinating since I have healed my gut and am able to do and eat more and more things!
I began a new job in January and with that a new gym membership. I have enjoyed spending my lunch breaks there trying to follow a home made weights plan, using the pin weight machines largely. However, a friend introduced me to The Body Coach and I began reading and following along.
I took the plunge and signed up and I am currently one week into the plan!
It's a tailored nutrition package and a fitness plan spanning 90 days. The plan is split over three phases, called cycles, and each is designed specifically. The first cycle, my current one, is a fat burning phase, consisting of a mostly low carbohydrate diet and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with carb loading after work outs. I love it!

My goal was to have a bit of fun in the gym and learn about the body's needs fuel wise, however I have set myself a fun challenge! Project Wonder Woman! I have ALWAYS wanted to cosplay (if you didn't know I am a huge geek) and Wonder Woman is one of my most favourite heroines from comics. She's a classic goodie, strong, powerful and wholesome (bit like my gut :p)

Of course I received advice from my nutritionist before embarking on the plan and she gave me some unique-to-me advice on products etc. I would never want to undo the good work I have done with her!

But I am honestly so excited and proud to be able to do this! I think about nutrition and health nearly all day long if I can! It has become so important to me.

Now that my gut is strong, I hope to become strong too! I bought a Heart Rate monitor and it's so interesting and inspiring to track my progress throughout my work out. I definitely work harder now that I have one. I am currently going treadmill sprints and boy are they tough! 30 seconds never felt so long!

Starting biceps :p Must try harder.

I haven't actually chose which version of Wonder Woman I want to be yet! I would love some help. I love the George Perez classic Wonder Woman comics but I was dying to include some armour! Look at these total babes I found! Good grief! 

And this is a cosplayer called Meagan Marie <3 <3 <3

If you want to follow my progress, I'm trying to tag all my posts on Instagram and Twitter with #projectWonderWoman ^_^

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