Wednesday, 8 October 2014


It's not my birthday... but it has been a whole 365 days since I embarked on this health journey! So I am calling it my Health Birthday!
I really wanted to write a lovely and succinct blog post about my experiences and my happiness but I'm actually just going to copy the status update from my personal facebook account! I think this sums up my elation and leaks my attitude in equal measure! I would apologise for the bad language... but this is me! Enjoy:

Hello friends!
Today is a proper shitting special day but you wouldn't even know it to look outside! Where are my sun beams of awesomeness?! Anyway: IT IS MY HEALTH BIRTHDAY!  
One year ago today I gave up processed foods, dairy, legumes, gluten, grains and sugar. When I first started I didn't think I'd last a week. But I did. Then I didn't think I could get through my first period without Dairy Milk. But I did. Then I thought I couldn't possibly survive a weekend long convention in a hotel room! But I did! Then I thought there's no freaking way I can manage a sugar free Christmas! BUT I DID! Not only did I, but I didn't break plan. Not once. Not ever. I am fucking tooting my own horn because you have no idea how much I sobbed at Ian about Kit Kats. Or cried when one day I woke up and forgot and thought I could just have a normal cup of tea. Or turned down social situations for the millionth time. Or when I first came off carbs I could barely walk as my body adapted from burning glucose to burning fat for fuel. Or how horrifically full of temptations a supermarket is.
But I facking did it for a whole 365 Days! This is a massive landmark for me! I've been aiming for this for a while, I don't know why since it's not about targets anymore, it's about lifestyle. 
I can honestly say it is the very best thing I have ever done for my body. My test results scream it, every organ is happy and on the mend! My bacteria is breeding! I haven't had my usual symptoms - I CAN FUCKING HOLD A POO IN NOW PEOPLE! I am so frigging smug about that it's like a 3 year old going through potty training! I DON'T CARE! I'm so happy! I have found relief in the myriad of good herbal teas available (liquorice and cinnamon is the current fave!) Last night I took chopped carrots and a peach to the cinema. I eat three times a day. I EAT THREE TIMES A DAY! I mean meals! I was so afraid of food for so long even this small thing is a miracle!
I am currently on a reintroduction schedule that focuses on reintroducing things I have missed to see if I find a reaction. Things like white rice, coffee and even dairy is right at the end! If I can have a lifestyle that involves yoghurt I will marry it. (I have had yoghurt dreams for months!!) 
Sorry this is so long, I am just so happy to be here! Ian and I were talking at the weekend and we remembered that I had a panic attack before Nottingham Comic Con last year - I reacted to something, my guts were going mental (poor things) and I begged Ian to help me die. I always said the most desperate things when I was in a state of a flare up. I just couldn't see beyond my symptoms and the problems they brought. I remember getting off the bus on one of my commutes so I could shit in supermarkets because back then I just could not control it. Now, this year, we jumped in the car and drove to Nottingham Comic Con without a peep of nerves from me or my colon! I am so happy!
Eating this way has healed my intestines, healed my pancreas, cured my anxiety and made me smug as arseholes. 
I wish everyone ate this way! You don't know how amazing it feels to have a body that runs on all the exact things it's supposed to! I don't wish it because I think I'm better, or so that I can say 'I told you so!' I wish it because I want everyone to feel the best! It's amazing! I am growing increasingly upset at the state of the nations health and especially those on low incomes, who seem to be well and truly priced out of a healthy choice. It really worries me! I wish our society had a focus on natural, whole foods that come from our land and not the chemical shit storm that is what we're all consuming instead.
Wow I'm sorry if this sounds preachy. Here's my fucking breakfast instead!
Thanks for reading! xxx

In other news, here's some images I've been posting to a great app called TwoGrand, where I have been partaking in a Whole30 challenge as part of a Paleo group on Facebook! It's been SO MUCH FUN so far! The members are really spurring each other on and making me laugh on a daily basis! And if anyone knows what kind of squash this is pleeeeease message me! I bought it and the sign said 'seasonal squash'.. and it is life changingly amazingly delicious beyond anything else I have ever tasted! I love it sooooo much!!!

What IS this wondrous vegetable!?

Perfect night in!

Cinema snacks! :D 

AIP lunch at work!

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