Sunday, 21 September 2014

One Month AIP! (Auto Immune Protocol)

Hello peapods!
Just checking in, how are we all? I've come to the end of 30 days of the strict Auto Immune Protocol diet, which eliminates eggs, nuts and nightshades, among other things, in order to ease inflammation and support my digestive system. I have actually just started my 9 week re-introduction schedule too!
The first thing I'm testing is egg yolks and I can say it's going pretty swimmingly :)

I have found AIP to slot into my life incredibly easily. By now I am nearly a year (it's so close to my 1 year anniversary! Exciting news incoming for that!) into my sugar free, processed food free, gluten free and grain free.. and what else, oh yes, legume free and dairy free (haha, it's such a mouth full!) that I am used to the routine of cooking for myself and preparing foods for the week. I thought cutting out eggs, a major breakfast food for me, would leave me with nothing but oh no! I have discovered the amazingly life and time saving joy of making my own breakfast sausages in batches and freezing them for when I need them!
I have also gotten so used to having meat and vegetables for breakfast, as opposed to the western norm of sugary cereal/milk/toast/processed carb fiasco, that replacing eggs with another vegetable was easy peasy.
I have cut out seeds and nuts too, which I thought I relied upon way too much before AIP, so I am glad to have these cravings under control. I swear, I ate almond butter, walnuts, pecans and cashews nearly everyday, as snacks or tossed in salads, or as puddings! I am glad to be free of this habit.

Ok, ok, I am no angel. I have to confess to having cultivated a mammoth fruit addiction which I am currently trying to kick (and failing rather miserably..) I seem to have swapped my handful of nuts for a handful of frozen berries. And then another.. and another and oooh I'll just add some in a bowl with coconut milk! Before I know it I've got a major fruit belly bloat and I am feeling all the shame of a relapsed chocoholic.

Oooh chocolate, I forgot to crave that somewhere along the way! Isn't that great!? I haven't been able to eat cacao as it's classed as a seed, but I've only just noticed I haven't missed this at all! So... celebrate?

Anyway: here's some meals I've been enjoying this month! Lots of soups with homemade bone broth, added gelatine, veggies, good meats and more veggies. I can't wait to crack on with my re-introductions. NEXT WEEK: Whole eggs! :D  

Also, this entire month (apart from a little probiotics hiccup) has been SYMPTOM FREE! 
So.. there's that. 
*cries tears of a million happinesses*

Have you ever been on the AIP? How did re-introductions go? I'd love to hear from you <3


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