Sunday, 17 August 2014

Happy Result!

Hello health peas!
I am delighted to say that I have had the results back from my recent health tests and my subsequent consultation with my nutritionist was probably the happiest hour of my little life this past decade!
The results were staggeringly amazing, I couldn't believe what she was saying. I may have wept! It's a good thing she had tissues handy!
I took my boyfriend along with me as I was so sure I was going to receive bad news. I felt convinced that she was going to say the test indicated that SIBO was back, that I had another strict course of treatment and diet ahead of me and that maybe it had recurred because my small intestine is damaged. Funny what you convince yourself of in times of distress isn't it? I had been living with some distressing symptoms (diarrhoea every day, since trialling probiotics in April until present day) with some varying degrees of control and urgency. I even said to people asking that I hoped for bad news, as at least that gave me the reason behind this.
Well, I take it ALL back!

When she said 'Well, there's no SIBO,' my mouth fell open. I had to look at the graph for proof of her words, I just couldn't believe it. The graph was as flat as a pancake! She said they are among the most normal results she had ever seen! It was at this point that my tears began to fall. This means brilliant things for my small intestine and even more brilliant things for my diet. If I needed proof that a nourishing wholefoods diet was beneficial then there it was. Not only beneficial but healing!
She then went through my other results. We only chose to test the markers that came up in my initial lab tests one year ago, so monitor any changes. The first and most important one is the quantity of my gut flora, my good bacteria. In my original test it was Scant Growth. Unquantifiable.
She said the words 'Moderate Growth' with a big grin and it was then that I really started to cry. I can't believe it. I had reacted with such aggressive symptoms to the probiotics I tried (including leaking! Truly the most embarrassing of all symptoms ever!) that I felt for sure that my body was just rejecting them. I couldn't get my head around that. This moderate growth bacteria colony now presently living in my gut means everything to me! I am convinced this was the problem all along, and has caused everything else including my anxiety and my poor digestion in general. I am over the moon!
My SIgA is up and my pancreatic output is at a normal level! My beautiful, hard working little pancreas is now functioning fully and normally! YOU GO, PANCREAS!
My diet this last year has supported and healed my poor digestive system. It's not even a miracle, it's science!

I have reasons for my recent symptoms: my inflammation marker has budged by only one. This could mean I have a chronic inflammation problem, or it could be a coincidence that I was inflamed for both tests only. So it is this result, and a couple more unanswered questions, that are the reasons that I must now embark upon an Auto Immune Protocol diet. It is a diet that removes some common, inflammatory irritants to give further support and reduce inflammation in the gut before testing each again. Most notable of these include eggs, nuts and nightshades. Nightshades include tomatoes, peppers and aubergines among other vegetables! I am so happy and excited I am not even daunted! Infact, I can't wait to see if this will throw up any allergies or heal my gut even further! Inflammation is the response of the body to an attack, an automatic protection of itself from outside poisons. But chronic inflammation is dangerous, and constant irritation of the inflammation can produce some nasty symptoms, just like I've been experiencing. I can't wait to give my body a break and heal some of this inflammation, I don't mind what it takes! I am more determined than ever!

I have duly celebrated with cuddles from my boy and mango, my all time favourite fruit! I will start the AIP on Monday. I'm going to have to get very creative in the kitchen! ^_^

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