Sunday, 24 August 2014

AIP Houmous

My lovely friend Maggie brought a giant courgette into work from her allotment the other day. And I mean giant. I'll be eating courgette for weeks!
Good thing it's so versatile!
I whipped up this houmous substitute when I was craving a strong flavour to go with my baked chicken drumsticks one evening!
If you have the time, remove the excess moisture from the courgette by sprinkling with a little salt and sitting in a colander for about 20 minutes before making this recipe. It'll yield a dryer houmous!

AIP Houmous
Prep time: 5 min
Total time: 5 mins


1 Courgette
2 cloves of garlic
1sp cumin
½ tsp salt
Juice of 1 lemon
Sprig of fresh coriander


Peel and chop the courgette. Bung all ingredients into a food processor or blender and whizz until desired consistency. Transfer to a bowl and cover and set in the fridge for 30mins before eating. Use as a dip for chopped veggies or spread on cooked meats. I sautéed some spring greens in it the day after for breakfast ^_^

I am still getting used to my new diet plan. AIP takes a bit of research! I have ordered Sarah Ballantyne's cookbook and I was thinking of ordering Danielle Walkers new Meals Made Simple too? I think she has some AIP recipes in there? 
Do you have any tips? ^_^

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