Saturday, 7 June 2014

What I Really Eat...

Meat + Plants = Easy

Yes, yes, yes. It's all well and good all these recipes, but who's got the time? Fret not busybodies, for I am the same as you! Whilst the recipes on my site are my go to healthy versions of my favourite foods and I make them often, I sometimes don't have the time to spend over the stove or waiting for an oven. Especially when it comes to packing lunches for work.

Minced meats: can be used for burgers, meatballs or just stir-fry as is!

This is where minced meat is my new BFF. It's so fast to cook in a wok or frying pan with coconut oil or other healthy fat, and can be served with damn near anything! I stir-fry whatever I have in the mornings in ten minutes flat, cram into a lunch box and I'm ready to go!

If your office has a microwave, even better! You can reheat or enjoy cold!

That's all there is to it! Meat and plants. Once you adopt this into your healthy lifestyle, meals become so much quicker and easier! 

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