Friday, 20 June 2014

Sugar Free Camping – Surviving On Plan This Festival Season

My house is currently in disarray; my wardrobe is all over the floor, my toiletries are multiplying and plentiful accessories are constant trip hazards. I am preparing for Glastonbury Festival 2014!
This involves numerous chores, many errands, supermarket runs and digging my camping gear out of long forgotten crevices.
One thing that has been planned with military precision is my festival diet.
I have been planning what to take for weeks, maybe months now, in order to sustain me through the 6 day Festival. Being away from my kitchen is a scary prospect since I embarked on a 'specialised' diet. I have attended many conventions and become practised at feeding myself for over a weekend whilst staying in hotels. I know I'll be fine in a city as long as I can find an M&S or something similar in which I can find salads, fish, avocados, olives and deli meats all with relatively little ingredients. Usually I take enough foods to last me, all wrapped up tightly in a cool bag for maximum potential freshness.

Camping though? For 6 whole days?! This is a whole new challenge. Just due to the nature of my arrival on site (I'm attending on my own this year!) has affected my foods plan. Since I'll be carrying my life on my back, with no one to share the load, I need to pack as light as possible!

I have come up with the following in order to initially sustain me, as well as a plan for what foods I could find whilst out and about in the festival itself. I am now very excited! My diet could not be stressing me out less! Preparation really is key!

Anyway, here is what I'm taking. Maybe this could help you attend a camping trip or holiday with minimal stress ^-^

I am taking 2 baked loaves. Since these are almond based, they are dense and filling, tasty and should last a good couple of days, even in a tent! They are big enough to bulk out meals for breakfast, dinner and tea and have snacks in-between! I have baked a savoury Tomato and Olive loaf and a sweeter Cinnamon spiced one! I'll eat these sliced with nut butter for sweet, quick energy!

I am taking 4 tins of tuna for 4 meals. A handy protein hit! I'll eat these with the Tomato and Olive bread! Yum!

In tight situations I often run into an M&S or Co-op for a pack of their Crispy Smoked Bacon. It's so handy when you're desperate and sugar free! I've packed 3 of these to bulk out breakfasts! Bacon sarnies when you're camping is a must!

Mixed Nuts, Creamed Coconut and Homemade Granola bars will make easy snacks for when I need the energy or just to keep me going until lunch! These mixed nuts are from Lidl and are a BARGAIN at £1.79. I bought two packs, one to take for snacking and one to make into granola bars. 

And for ACTUAL EMERGENCIES, I am packing some Nakd bars. These are not ideal and I have not 'tested' them in my diet. But I just wanted to make sure I had an option... These are high in sugars (from natural ingredients at least, but sugar nonetheless) Same with bananas, they are handy for camping but I rarely eat them! I plan on bananas being my breakfast on the first day, to get me through my early morning arrival!

I am taking activated almonds, which are absolutely delicious! I couldn't quite believe the expense of buying activated almonds from the health food shop, when you can make them at home easy! They're just soaked over night and baked on a low heat until delightfully crunchy! I flavoured mine with cinnamon and smoked paprika. I can barely stop picking at them!

And as for finding foods on the go for when my stash runs out, I'm really looking forward to finding out what Glastonbury has to offer! It is an absolutely huge festival and has always had an amazing food presence. I have my fingers crossed for a wholefoods/paleo stall but that is hoping a little too much maybe! So, in good preparation, I have introduced white potatoes into my diet with no symptoms, so at least I might be able to find a baked potato stand and have one plain or with good butter if they have it! I'll be on the look out for vegetable heavy, vegan dishes from stalls that can give me an ingredients list!

I am also lucky enough to be working/volunteering for the event which means that the festival will actually provide me some meals. I've had some great conversations with the chap who will be running the Glastonbury staff canteen this year and he really seems to get my nutrition/dietary needs! We've come up with some meals that I'll be able to eat as part of my volunteering perks, like ratatouille and baked sweet potatoes and salads! 

I think I'll be just fine :)

How about you? Are you a militant snack packer? Have I missed your favourite sugar free foods? Or do you have a holiday booked and are nervous about what to take, if anything?

I hope my post might help you find some snacks you can take to keep you easily sugar free!



  1. I love this list! I've been wondering what to bring to my music festival this summer. Do you have the recipes up for your two breads and granola bars? If so link me please! They sound amazing =)

  2. Am exhausted just reading this! Have just found yr site, read your story (sounds horrific, so glad you discovered the problem) and will definitely try some of your recipes. Well done and thanks for sharing!