Friday, 23 May 2014

Clean Up Your Diet

Before my health struggles, I truly thought I ate a balanced and therefore healthy diet. However, since I now follow an abundant, wholefoods lifestyle I can see just how much this was not the case. The phrase 'everything in moderation' really turns me green. The goal posts keep moving! 
There are more and more unhealthy foods and processed products added to our store shelves year on year. 
I see many bloggers refer to these as 'frankenfoods' and I couldn't agree more. They aren't real. They are monsters, imposters, crazy amalgamations of chemicals wrapped up in colourful packaging. Some scream the words 'low fat!' 'whole grain!' 'healthy!' but worse than all of those, most don't. Food labels are such laborious reads it's not surprising that we're confused. I skimmed packages looking for buzz words like 'sugar' and 'fat' with no real clue as to what they actually meant nutritionally, whilst ignoring the hard to pronounce chemicals and the disingenuous 'natural flavourings' tag.

It wasn't until I couldn't cope with my ailments any longer that I finally found respite in a natural, wholefoods diet, under the supervision of a Nutritionist. There are no ingredients lists on a courgette!

I don't mean to preach, but what has happened to me personally is too important for me not to share. 
I am happy. Happy.
I am healthier, stronger, slimmer, more energetic than I have ever been. 
I am healing the damage done to my body through food. 
I am giving my poor under nourished body exactly what it's been screaming out for all this time. No processed, plastic nonsense. No hormone teasing, blood sugar bothering, bacteria feasting man made nasties.
Just natural, earth given, fresh, healthy sustenance. It's really so simple I could laugh! The planet has been providing for me this whole time!

Our bodies are built to thrive on nutrients, fibres, proteins and fats. It's a complex, organic combustion engine with a very much preferred fuel source. It makes sense to give it exactly what it's designed to process in the most efficient way.

That doesn't mean food can't be 'fun.' That I can't 'fit in.'
I've enjoyed the journey of rediscovery. Finding pleasure in the limitless combinations of foods and herbs and spices. Playing kitchen science to try and recreate 'old favourites' in a healthy way, using ingredients that my body loves. But most wonderful of all is realising that 'old favourites' have got nothing on my new favourites! I am enjoying eating this way more and more each day. I feel better every day. I am sleeping deeply and enjoying rest and relaxation. I am finding myself with boundless energy on waking and ready to start the day. I am enjoying eating three meals daily (something I just couldn't bear to manage before!) I don't need to snack often but when I do, I love not feeling guilty. I adore not calorie counting. I love that my body has settled at it's natural weight. The weight it should have always been. I'm surprised at happy side effects such as easier, pain free periods! My hair is glossy. My nails are strong. I don't get spots!

All because I got rid of the man made junk food from my diet. No I don't want a cronut.

It is so easy to make little, long lasting changes. Find healthier choices, include more proteins and fats, limit refined carbohydrates and frankengrains, stop eating unpronounceable chemicals.

You don't have to do it cold turkey like I did. You could start by cutting down on dairy or sugars first. Maybe for a week. Do you like small, manageable challenges? Focus on something you feel you possibly eat too much of and clean up your diet.
Most cravings are habit. Your body is expecting easy energy sources in the form of sugar because it is used to it. Give it another source. A healthy source. A simple swap would be including avocado or nuts with a main meal. These are good fats that promote satiety, leaving you feeling fuller for longer and less prone to crashes which lead to binge habits.
Swap chocolate for dark chocolate with no added ingredients. I make my own and I wouldn't ever go back! I use 100% raw cacao and add only coconut oil for fat and creamed coconut for natural sweetness. It is a wonderful treat, and a million times better for your body than a chocolate bar.
Make small changes and little by little your taste buds will change. You cravings will stabilize and your habits will fall away.

Why wait 'til your body breaks down before you give it what it needs?

Clean up your diet!

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