Saturday, 17 May 2014

AAG Banana Nut Porridge

My fella's mamma kindly bought me Danielle Walker's Against All Grain recipe book for Christmas this year. It is absolutely chock full of amazing recipes that I am hoping to work my way up to!

This particular recipe was the only thing from the book I could currently eat without adapting. At first, it was hard not to be sad at that fact. But turns out - it's delicious! So I'm ok! And I can look forward to adapting and re-introducing my way through the rest of the book over time!

I used whatever nuts I had in the cupboard for this recipe and topped it with toasted cinnamon pecans and creamed coconut shavings. I used coconut milk for the milk but you could used almond! It makes a big batch of lovely, warming porridge so each portion only contains 1/4 banana if you are watching your fruit intake!
I also made it for my fella when he stayed over and he loved it too!

Please check out this recipe on Danielle Walkers Against All Grain website. She's my health hero!

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