Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sugar Free Sweet Pea will launch on 7th May 2014!

Well hello Sweet Peas!

If you have stumbled upon this site, firstly, thank you! Stick around! There are some sweet little recipes here all ready for you to savour. Secondly, please pop back on the 7th May for the spectacular launch of Sugar Free Sweet Pea, including a recipe a day for 30 days and an exciting chance for you to win a sugar free goodies hamper!

If you are looking to cut down on sugar, grains and dairy, just want to start eating healthier or have been advised to try a specialised diet as part of treatment for on going health symptoms, then this might just be the lifestyle resource for you! The author of Sugar Free Sweet Pea has been on her own health journey and she is looking forward to sharing what she learned with you!

Stay sweet, it's not much longer now!

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